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Top 10 Tips for Buying Double Glazing

Posted on 8th September 2015 at 1:19 pm by

Buying Double Glazing windows can be hard work! Often there is so much to consider such as costs, frame styles, types of glass and much more. If that wasn’t enough, a lot of glaziers often quote very high to make a handsome profit out of you.

We at Evergreen provide you with in-depth information to help you make the best choice for you. Read our top 10 tips guide so you can make an informed decision.

  • 1. Research

    It is always advisable to do your research before buying double glazing windows, to ensure you are buying the right product for you. Don’t just take the company sales reps’ word for it, test his expertise. So it may be better to look at several companies asking for quotations etc… before committing to a particular supplier. Evergreen uses Kommerling window systems, you can find out more here.

  • 2. Pick a local company

    Often there are local companies within your area that can offer double glazing. It is better to go to their showroom and visit someone face-to-face, that way you can build a relationship with them. Be wary of the ‘it’s our special 50% special line…’ or ‘I’ve hit my target so I can provide extra discounts…’. Local companies often rely on word of mouth promotion, so they will strive further than bigger national companies to offer you a better quality product and service, and also if problems arise they will be able to resolve them quicker. Our showroom address can be found here.

  • 3. Use a company with a landline

    Rogue traders never have a fixed address and seldom use a fixed landline. No showroom means no trace and if issues arise, it’ll be just that. It is better to ensure the company has a landline telephone number that you contact them on and also a registered trading address, which isn’t a residential address. Bedroom based business’ can offer huge discounts, but rarely deliver such. Businesses that use a mobile telephone number shows that it hasn’t got a fixed base.

  • 4. Ask to examples of installations

    You can ask companies to see recent installations near your home so that you know the quality of work you will be buying into. Check their showroom display, so you always have something to refer to when a dispute arises. Good double glazing companies will have done a few installation within your area. Evergreen’s recent installations are regularly posted on Facebook.

  • 5. Replace more windows

    Double glazing can be expensive, so its better to replace more windows in one go, which should help reduce costs in the long run. Furthermore, this ensures all the double glazing windows installed on your property look consistent and clean. This is especially helpful if you are looking to sell your property.

  • 6. Check for accreditation

    It is good practise to check that the double glazing company you are using is registered with Fensa, BM Trada or Certass. Companies registered through such schemes can verify that their installation are in-line with industry standards and comply with building regulations.

  • 7. Check for Warranty

    It is crucial you make sure warranty is included with the double glazing installation. Many companies just offer a period of 1 to 5 year warranty, if you’re lucky. Evergreen Glazing offers a 10 year no quibble insurance backed warranty with every installation.

  • 8. Quotations

    When you approach multiple companies for double glazing quotations, it’s better to make sure they are quoting you for exactly the same materials and window systems. This way you can obtain a more realistic comparable price and way you know you’re getting a good deal, so don’t sign on the dotted line till you’ve checked.

  • 9. Energy Efficiency

    New double glazing installed in England and Wales now needs to comply with government standards of efficiency. Check with your double glazing company that they can offer you a certificate of efficiency. Evergreen’s double glazing window systems can help you reduce energy costs, and our Kommerling window systems are a window energy rating of C as a standard. Always ask questions and expect the company rep to provide verification of answers.

  • 10. Check the contract

    Before you part with your hard earned cash and sign the contract, check it through properly and read the small print. Ask for illustrations and drawings, these are a bare minimum. Don’t feel obliged to sign a contract if you are feeling pressured into it by the salesman, often a hard sell means that the company does not care about you, but only about the sale. Make sure you browse through the company’s website, as this can be a huge indication as to their levels of professionalism, although remember websites are not an indication of a companies trading standards.

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